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Synopsis for The Raid: Redemption

Deep in the heart of Jakarta's slums lies an impenetrable derelict apartment building which became a safe house for the city's most dangerous murderers, killers and gangsters. The rundown apartment block has been considered untouchable by rivals of the notorious crime lord Tama Riyadi and even the police. It is also protected by two of Tama's henchmen; the smart, calculated Andi and the fiercely loyal "Mad Dog". Everything changes, however, when an elite team is tasked with raiding the building in order to take down Tama once and for all.

Cloaked under the cover of pre-dawn darkness and silence, devout Muslim, expectant father and rookie cop Rama and a 20 man SWAT team, led by Sergeant Jaka, arrive at the apartment block under the guidance of Lieutenant Wahyu. Wahyu criticizes Jaka for bringing along so many raw recruits, but Jaka promises to keep them as far back as possible. Before entering the complex, the team encounters a man from the 7th floor whose wife is ill, but he escapes their custody soon after entering the building. Starting from the ground floor and moving up, they slowly and tactfully infiltrate the apartment block until they reach the sixth floor. The team is spotted by a child who runs off to warn Tama and sounds an alarm before he is shot and killed.

Tama, watching the police on CCTV, announces to the whole block that he will grant sanctuary to those who kill the SWAT team. Sergeant Jaka soon learns that the mission was not sanctioned by the department but only by Lieutenant Wahyu, thus no reinforcements or rescue will ever arrive. Worse still, the SWAT van has been disabled and the building has been surrounded by snipers who will kill anyone trying to escape. After a lengthy battle, the team is stranded on the 6th floor and left outnumbered, out of ammunition and being hunted down. The members that survived the ambush are: Sergeant Jaka, Lieutenant Wahyu, Bowo, Dagu and Rama. After narrowly escaping an explosion improvised by Rama that kills a large number of criminals, the team split into two groups: Jaka with Wahyu and Dagu on the 5th floor and Rama with Bowo finding safety on the 7th floor.

Rama carries Bowo, seriously wounded in the ambush, to the only place they know to be safe; room 726, belonging to the man they met earlier. Rama leaves Bowo there to recover and heads off to find Jaka and the others, but is confronted by a gang of machete-wielding thugs. He barely survives the attack and is then captured by Andi. Meanwhile, Jaka works out that Wahyu is being paid to get rid of Tama, but before Wahyu confesses the group are found by Mad Dog. Wahyu and Dagu get away as Mad Dog fights and eventually kills Jaka.

Andi is revealed to be Rama's estranged brother who chose to leave the family and left no trace of his whereabouts. Rama tries to persuade his brother to come home and tells him about his wife's pregnancy. But Andi isn't swayed and instead, leaves Rama to wait in his apartment, while he meets up with Mad Dog. But when reporting back to Tama, his betrayal is discovered and Tama stabs him through the hand before turning him over to Mad Dog for torture (it's also possible that he'll be used as bait for Rama).

Rama regroups with Wahyu and Dagu and assault the 15th floor where Tama is located. Rama finds his brother and Mad Dog allows Andi to be untied, so he can challenge them both. The three men engage in a lengthy brawl, with Mad Dog easily holding his ground. Wahyu and Dagu grab Tama, and Wahyu promptly shoots Dagu before telling Tama that the gangster is his ticket out of the building. Once Rama and Andi finally kill Mad Dog, they catch up with Wahyu, while Tama gloats to Wahyu about his situation. Tama explains that the Liutenant is the one who's been set up to be killed and that he's paid off the right people to ensure his own survival. Wahyu ends this with a gunshot to Tama's head, but his efforts to commit suicide fail because his gun is out of bullets.

In the aftermath, Andi orders the building's residents to stand down and provides Rama with information on all the corrupt cops that Tama dealt with. Andi then walks Rama, Bowo and Wahyu to the front gate, but declines Rama's offer to join them. The cops head away and Andi returns to his uncertain future as the film ends.

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