Senin, 19 Maret 2012

Bahasa inggris bisnis 2

Helloo, You can call me Fariz , my mother   given me this  name when  I was born in april 7th 20 years ago . every day I’ll always playimg the online game in the computer , that’s make too excited . My friend , I called him crazy gamers , he always play with me . he is chinesee , he had narrow eyes and I can really laugh,when I see him , because he had funny face with the narrow eyes . he became the idol in the school because he very smart guy . i went to hom after studied in the school, when I arrived in home I saw somebody  there, that man looks like my friend, the crazy gamers that I called him . in my sweet  home , my mother cooking cakes for us , we  very like cake’s my mother. My father cutting the grass in the garden , after we ate the sweet cakes,

Colour  : modifier
Bold : subject
Colour : complement
Colour : verb

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